Renting a property is not always an easy thing to do. As a Renter you have to make all the right steps in order to get a place that can be your temporary home.

When choosing me as a real estate professional, I am dedicated to guide you, assist you and help you in making all the right choices.

In my real estate carrier I have developed Customized Property Search Plan with proven results.

As a client of mine you will receive:

* My dedication and determination to make the renting process less stressful and always ending with the best possible results
* My integrity, respect and confidentiality
* Support and protection in regards to your best interest
* Co-operation in respect to your time and real estate needs
* Disclosing facts and educating you in order to make inform decisions through the renting process
* Providing you with an action plan for locating the best properties for you
* Advice and assistance in preparing and negotiating the Offer to Lease Agreement
* Supervising all closing activities I will make all possible efforts to close the deal successfully
* Working with you in preparation for taking the next step – buying your own place to live
* Support and help in after-closing activities

I always appreciate your trust in me and your business.

In everybody life there is a time when it is necessary to rent a place to live for more than year or two until the family settles and be ready for next step – buying own place.

Finding the most suitable and affordable place is essential for any rental.

I will Assist you and Gide you through the process.

* Help in getting the best possible deal
* Finding the most suitable Rental Property
* Offer Presentation and Negotiating the best possible Price and Closing Conditions
* Assistance in choosing the best for the job movers, cable/internet, phone professionals
* Extensive help in After Closing Activities and preparing for the next step – buying your Own Property.


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